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~ Need written concepts and a visual in a hurry?
~ Have a list of ideas but no time to flesh them out?
~ Have quantitative set up, and still missing cells?
~ Want to see what a new point of view can bring to    your copy & product look?

Stone Soup Marketing's creativity and confidentiality can get your concepts cookin' in no time -- and you get to edit and correct each one on our password-protected site (or on a fax copy) before final copies are presented. Any format can be accommodated.

The first step towards finding that big idea in the crowd is turning it into a concept - once you have a concept, you can find out what people think what people want and sell it to them!

Concepts - at the very least - feature names, packages, claims and benefits. Concepts - done well - can even help separate variations on one theme so the best way to go can be determined.

Stone Soup Marketing offers concepts to our clients, at three different levels, whether you already have some ideas you need some ideas or you just need more, and better ideas!

1) Every brand equity or positioning project for new products utilizes our story concepts for consumer learning and client input. Most projects feature several iterations of concept development, giving us several builds on the learning, and new bundles of optimization for success!

Some clients prefer to brainstorm with us to come up with the first group of concepts;

Some give us the basic wish list, or category, or brand names and we come up with the first groups of concepts to work through with them;

All take these concepts through focus groups with us to learn, refine and create better ideas.

All the products on our tree have gone from concept through focus groups with Stone Soup principals.

    For more information on how we might work with you to create concepts and create brand value through new product ideas . Click here! (goes to e-mail to us for follow-up presentation or proposal)

2) With our creative team of writers and designers, Stone Soup can help turn your ideas into concepts, ready to go to your next steps. You simply provide the basic list, and we will write the copy, design the package, and present a finished comp to you for approval and revisions - in a password-protected, on-line site. Full-color, computer print-outs can be delivered overnight.

To order concepts now: Fill in the accompanying forms for each concept you'd like us to create for you tell us the basic idea you wish to communicate, and we'll put it in a format that's easy for you to look at and finalize.

Then, tell us your timetable and what you'd like to pay (we'll let you know right away if we can meet it) or, take advantage of our Baker's Dozen deal for 13 concepts (current market pricing may fluctuate with the season).


Billing information and Purchase order number and amount must be on file with Stone Soup Marketing before final concepts are released. All payments must be made on a 30-day basis.

Disclaimer: No consumer input, market research or guarantee will be made on these concepts other than that they will communicate the idea for subsequent market research or presentation purposes .

Confidentiality and non-disclosure: Client will own and retain for its own use, and without restriction, all concepts and opportunities that may ensue from this work with Stone Soup Marketing. Stone Soup will maintain the confidentiality of all ideas and concepts requested by client, and will not publicize or make public any part of this work at any time, nor will it use anything learned strictly through one client for the benefit or gain of another.

Accepted and Agreed: (click here and you can go ahead and fill out your concept order form)


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