Stone Soup is a centuries old European folktale with several variations:

In one version, 3 weary soldiers try unsuccessfully to find food in a peasant town...

In another, a tramp wants a meal from an old lady...

In yet another, it's a young boy.

  But young or old, they are all travelers, and they all have nothing but their wits, a pot of water and a few stones when they begin. and they all end up with a wonderful, shared feast of soup in the end!  

Stone Soup Marketing is a new products firm dedicated to these simple ideas: You do not have to start with a lot in the soup pot to end up with a wonderful feast. Sometimes it's just a matter of stirring up the new products process in such a way that everyone can make a contribution... maximizing collective creativity, and maximizing the chances for success!


  And like all good stories, Stone Soup has a happy ending: ~Everyone gets to share in the feast and our brands live happily every after! ~

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